sâmbătă, 25 august 2012


I told myself that this year, I would start a blog. Yes, it is plain. I like plain right now. I will likely change the layouts often.
I'm not one for great introductions, but this blog will consist of well, me.
This will include:
•Brief descriptions of my torture at my first year of university, my triumphs and tribulations
•Fashion taste/personal fashion
•Movie and music taste
•Anything else I wish to discuss.

All you need to know about me will be published on my blog on a daily basis.

So first of all : 

I am Ade.I am nineteen ( and hope people will remember me at this age).Love music,theatre and fashion (above all).I dream of owning my own fashion magazine cause my lifestyle muse is Anna Wintour (of course besides my mom,whose my hero).I play piano and write songs ( in a Taylor Swift-ish style).My style is pretty much ecletic with a edgy preppy touch.I currently am attending my first year (U1), at the University of Transilvania and study english and german literature and american studies (I am not actually sure what I will study but I love english and hope to live in NYC on day so this is the right step)

Feel free to comment and critique on any of my blogs. Thank you.


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