marți, 28 august 2012

Crazy things meant to be done with a friend. Part I

People usually tell me I am weird.
Like I can have the weirdest taste in everything :fashion,music ,movies and expecially guys ( like really I would fall for every douchbag in my area,I usually say that I couldnt find a bigger loser even if I would have google him).
But I admit it,I have never hidden this fact.Luckily I have the most incredible best friends ever.I can count them on a hand but their the best you`ll ever see.I probably dont tell them this things to often but they are the reason I survive. :)
 Kidding but really they are the ones who accept me the way I am even when I do the most stupid things in the world.
I can call them probably an hour or two before going to a really random movie and I am sure I make one of them accept to come with me.Like this time when only me and my one best friend went to the cinema to see "The Amazing Spieder-Man " just because she had a minor crush on Andrew Garfiled (who is really adorable) and I had an non-admited crush on Emma Stone.Dont get me wrong I am not into Emma just because I would love to be her...c`mon people shes funny gorgeous and has this kick ass attitude and her she a scorpio as I am.

So we ended up going to a cinema just to see the movie in  a premiere in my city.We loved it and had the best time ever.We ended up loving the movie and blushing on our way out from the cinema room while we where thinking to the scenes we loved .I personally had the time of my life that day.And we took some pictures.Yes we did,cause those were the moments we build our lifetime memories. A


                                            Love you Chica ! 

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) beautiful post, she said :D love you, redhead and sorry for the late arrival on your blog.

    P.S. i want to read the story with the town-square-boys, i think that this might be somehow funny. :))
    hope you'll get what i'm trying to say here.

    P.P.S never stop posting :)

    hugs and kisses.