marți, 11 septembrie 2012

Fedora Festival

This summer,as the last summer and probably every summer from now on,there`s a music festival that takes place in my hometown for 2 days (basicly a weekend )where various bands perform and people can enjoy their favorite band outdoors in the center of the city and of course they can drink a cup of bear or soda.Dont imagine something as Coachella or something.I mean something mean with bands from around my country so don`t get too excited.
So this is me with my friends enjoying our summer vacation and listening to some cool bands performing.Of course as always no one escapes the drama as drunk people indiscrete comments or first sight love with a little boy band guitar guy who you later are about to find out he`s about 3 years younger than you are and he has a girlfriend. But lets see the bright sight of this weekend.I got to spend quality time with my best friends and I also got the chance to get into the VIP section (which basicly meant 1 meter closer to the scene,and all this just because some guys who managed things around there like my hair ,cool ha? not really ).But things were good for a while.I felt alive and loved every minute.
So next summer I will most certainly go back with my friends.

                                                                                   Jupiter in my hair

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