marți, 11 septembrie 2012


Right before I start my first college year I would have liked to post something about the event that we comemorate every year on 9 september since 2001.
Well 11 years ago this event had no big impact on my life because at the time I was 8 so I didnt understood the importance of that catastrophy at that certain time.
Anyway,after 11 years I understand and would like to present my respect to those people who died in order to save other people and to their familiy and friends and hope to show my respect to them through my following message.

"Dear readers,
I hope you all know what date is today.Well for those of you who dont know what happend today I surely hope they will take their time and try to find out at list the most insegnificant detail about the catastrophe that happend exactly ten years ago on this exact date.
I do hope that everybody knows about the heroes who died innocent without having the thinnest clue of what will happen to them.On 11 september 2001 United Airlines Flight 93 was one of four planes hijacked in midair from members of Al Quida.Three planes succeded in hitting their targets.With great courage and resolve,the passengers and crew of Flight 93 prevented their plane from reaching its likely target,the White House or Captiol Building.People should realise that this are the real heroes ,the ones who knew they were going to die but they prefered to save the lives of the people from the ground.Thats what makes them heroes and makes them worthy of remebering them at least once of year, on 11.09.
Terrorism for me at that point was just a long complicated word which already scared me although I was pretty young.Killing people just as revenge,playing with the life of innocent people who have families and friends that are waiting for them to come home safe,starting wars for stupid reasons,wars in which die only innocent people for the vainglory of their leaders and judging people because of their nationality, skin color,sex,or religion are unhuman things to do.God made us the way we are so we should accept each other this way.I would like to remember you that the people who died on the plane werent the only heroes.We should consider heroes also the people who died in the targets.Those people are the ones who died for a stupid revenge.They died innocent without any chance to survive.And not in the last place I would like to remind you about the people around the targets,the huge number of people who tried to give a hand without being forced to do it and just because they felt this was the human duty,to at least try to save some of the hurt ones.The heroes are different types of people.How about a round of aplause,standing ovantion for the police man and women and the crews from the firework departement who worked hard to save the ones they could and died for their country.
In the end I would love for you to know that this are the real event in the history that we should remember.This are the good examples we should follow to become better persons and I mean the people who tried or succeded to save some of the endangered lifes.Nobody knows what the gouverment thinks or their planes but we sure can become better if we want.So people just try to be more human and this place named Earth will be a better place for all of us and dont forget to remember the ones who died innocent.
And until this becomes a reality ,my message is :
"God,bless all the people who died in that terrorist attack and give them and their families and the ones they left behind peace in heaven and on earth ,cause thats all they need..."

I wish one day all these wars and terrorism will disappear and this world will be a safer and happier place.Cause be all deserve to be happy and feel safe,no matter our religion,political view,skin color,nationality,gender,species or who the language we speak.
I am not an idealist but I know that we can make this world better by only trying.

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